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Anonymous: 'New message from Gavin Free: You are a punk cunt.'
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Anonymous: Prompt to write: i would like to do the frick frackity snick snack with joel heyman

okay. maybe not anything…

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So I got a new tablet and need to practice my writing so send me ANYTHING and I’ll write it, here!

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Still can’t get anough of Ryan on The Know


anon asked: Geoff Ramsey being adorable? (request here)

"A little too much 4/20 on the mind. Maybe somebody was a little too blazed to do math." 

I saw a pregnant lady and her husband. I thought, “What would be an inappropriate thing to say to them?” If you’d be like “I curse your child!” And the thing is, they would look at you weird, but then if their kid was, like, a shitty kid, they’d always wonder, “Was it that guy who ran up to me at the parking lot of that restaurant and cursed him?”