michael after achievement hunter accepts the ice bucket challenge

burnie in odds are

rt + friends [original]

Social Disorder + "Is that a body?"

Social Disorder | The Body Bag

Meg messed with Ryan on the Patch #67


"I remember Geoff telling me, we should hire this Ray guy, and I said, do you think this guy’s worth it? do you think he should come work for us? and all Geoff said was, I think that guy is going to be more popular than the rest of us in about a year.”

             ↳happy birthday, ray! (september 15th, 1989)


So Ray and I are dating and we live together.

This is simply a statement of facts and in no way is it an open invitation for people to ask/dwell into our personal lives. I appreciate people respecting our privacy and not trying to ask us a bunch of questions about our private life. Thank you. <3 


"I feel like I had a one-night stand." [x]


Joe the Cat’s Office (x)